Proximity DMP Introduction

This manual gives a detailed overview about the usage of the Proximity Data Management Platform (DMP). You can sign up and log in at

Proximity DMP Introduction

See this 15 minutes introduction video.

Proximity DMP helps to:
...analyse offline metrics like store visits, visit frequency and dwell
...create visitor reports and audience segments
...better engage with the customer at the point-of-sale
...better understand the role of mobile in the path to purchase

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Projects, Users and Permissions

Each organisation can set up multiple users and multiple projects. Each Proximity DMP project is independent and manages it's own mobile apps, beacons, geofences, venues as well as proximity campaigns and mobile apps. All data is separated between projects. A user can be assigned to several projects and easily jump between one or the other.

The following user roles are available in Settings -> Users:

  • Admin: Full access to all features, including visitor analytics, application and user management.
  • Infrastructure Manager: Restricted access to all beacon and geofence management features
  • Marketing Manager: Restricted access to all campaign features.

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Proximity DMP Introduction

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