Infrastructure Management

The Proximity DMP includes a scalable and vendor independent infrastructure management solution for beacons, geofences and venues.

Use Cases & Benefits

  • Supporting thousands of beacons and geofence regions for iOS and Android.
  • Manage large-scale beacon networks across thousands of stores
  • Manage and share beacon networks used by multiple stakeholders
  • Support for any type of iBeacon or Eddystone (-UID, -URL, -EID, -TLM) beacon.
  • Always know where your beacon fleet and assets are located across multiple stores using advanced tracking algorithms.
  • Easily import your existing beacon networks
  • Leading infrastructure monitoring with advanced battery and device status tracking, predictive maintenance and real-time alerts
  • Use the Beacon Manager app for complex rollouts including installation images and meta data management
  • Support for 3rd-party beacon registries like the Google Beacon Platform. We are a certified Google Location Service Provider.
  • An ecosystem approach, we work with various partners to build turnkey solutions. E.g. OSRAM Einstone or

Infrastructure Monitoring

Managing large-scale decentralised beacon and geofence networks can be quite challenging in the long run.

The Proximity DMP provides a leading infrastructure monitoring solution, out-of-the-box. With the help of smartphones sending telemetry information about deployed beacons we can analyse and predict expected and unexpected behaviour. Based on this advanced analysis you will get notified about warnings and errors.

Your Benefits

  • Insightful status reporting for each beacon group
  • Info, warning and error messages to understand the importance of reported issues (Is it a critical problem that should be fixed today?)
  • Get insights about the recency and frequency of beacon sightings (Are there any interactions near my beacons?)
  • Advanced analytics to detect if beacons have been misplaced or are missing (Have there been problems with the rollout?)
  • Analysis of battery levels and the prediction of battery lifetimes (When do batteries have to be replaced?)
  • Understand what beacon models are used by which vendors

Network Sharing

You can easily share your beacon or geofence networks with other Proximity DMP projects. Shared networks have various advantages and simplify projects a lot.

Your Benefits

  • Give temporary network access to app publishers, agencies or other interested parties without losing control or cloning the data
  • Set up proximity campaigns across multiple beacon networks at the same time
  • Use 3rd-party networks to augment your location analytics and audience profiling
  • Easily coordinate LBS projects with multiple stakeholders and vendors
  • Logically separate physical infrastructure ownership from the actual location-based services

It just takes a few simple steps. Select the e-mail address of the destination project and select one or many relevant beacon or geofence groups. This feature is optimised to work with large-scale networks with thousands of beacons or geofences.

Beacon Manager App & Rollout Planning

The Beacon Manager app can be used to detect nearby beacons and check their status. You can also easily add beacons to your Proximity DMP account or use it during rollouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you recommend beacons?
Proximity DMP works with any iBeacon or Eddystone beacon. We do recommended beacon suppliers.

How can I configure a beacon?
To configure beacons you have to use the vendor's configuration apps and procedures.

Infrastructure Management

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